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2-8 to 7-0: A Look Into Northmor's Dramatic Improvement

By Danny Fogarty, 10/07/21, 8:00AM EDT


How the Northmor Golden Knights switched from a losing record to starting undefeated in 2021 (Photo Credit: Shelley Clark for AIM Media Midwest)

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Just one year ago, Coach Scott Armrose and his team were coming off their fourth loss of the year, getting rolled over by Highland 30-6.

Now, the undefeated Golden Knights are coming off a 24-7 win and have no signs of slowing down.

Northmor is currently 7-0 this season after going 2-8 all of last year.

Such a dramatic shift begs the question: how did this happen?

Northmor is defeating many of the teams that beat them last year, and in some cases the scores are almost flipped.

Last season, Northmor lost to Lincoln 20-12, while this year the Golden Knights won 21-14.  They fell to East Knox in 2020 13-0, but defeated them 24-7 this past Friday.

Armrose said that his players are glad to be winning these games, and credits a strong offseason with this season's success.

"They're excited to be beating teams, those teams we played last year," Armrose said. "I think that has a lot to do with their commitment the offseason."

This commitment has not only led to seven wins, but the best record in the MOAC.  Last season, the Golden Knights finished third from last in the conference.

As impressive as this start is for Northmor, their success is not unique from other seasons.

Since Armrose was hired in 2017, Northmor never lost more than three games in a season until last year.

Armrose said that his team's struggles last season came from a loss of many seniors from the previous season, but that his team grew better because of it.

"We had an inexperienced group, we lost a really nice senior class," Armrose said. "They took their humps, but they learned from it, and we're pretty competitive right now."

Max Lower breaks a tackle on his way to the end zone during a game this season against South Central. (Photo Credit: Shelly Clark for AIM Media Midwest)

The Golden Knights have been lead this season by their star junior running back Max Lower.

Lower has 12 rushing touchdowns this season and averages 132 rushing yards per game.

Lower, like many of Northmor's players, was on last year's team and has grown because of that adversity.

Armrose said that Lower has been a great player since he was a freshman, but he has gotten even better during his time with the Golden Knights.

"Max Lower has always been a phenomenal athlete," Armrose said. "He's gone from being a good athlete to being a good football player. He sees the field better. He makes better decisions with the football."

For the Golden Knights, football is a game that is won through repetition and an undemanding style.

On any set of downs, they will call rushes on three straight downs, and on defense they might run the same formation for an entire quarter.

So Northmor's schemes are not necessarily complicated, but its focus on simplicity is central to the team.  Armrose said that this straightforward style is how he hopes to coach his team.

"We stress fundamentals, we stress physical football play," Armrose said. "We just do a few things really well."

With only three games in the regular season left, Northmor looks to be one of the best teams in Division VI. 

Armrose said that although his team has had success, and they are certainly not looking back, his team will take things game by game.

"It's really easy when you, when you get on a roll to start thinking ahead," Armrose said. "We take things one week at a time."